Colors of Evil: Red

2024 [POLISH]

Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80% · 5 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 5576 5.6K


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freyasr 5 / 10

A neverending nightmare of a film


Despite my five-star rating, this is one of the most unpleasant films I have ever had the displeasure of watching. And I am a fan of horror - just not so much the realistic type that involves things like torture.

This film was gruelling, depressing and plays, for most of its runtime, like a neverending nightmare.

This is mostly down to the writing choices which seem to choose to put all of the characters (with the exception of the very bad ones), through the maximum amount of suffering possible. A young woman is tortured, has witnessed a man brutalised and then murdered by his employer in front of a room full of people, then decides to go and tell the police- only to find the police are in on it, and march her straight back into the lair of this monster for him to attack her yet again.

There were also some disappointing choices as to who the actual murderer was, which I thought in a way let the most abhorrent character in the story off lightly.

Despite this, somehow, SOMETHING compelled me to keep watching and see how all this turned out, despite feeling very uncomfortable, which must mean the story (or directing choices?) at least had something going for them.

So if you want to watch a film that makes you feel thoroughly depressed with a feeling of existential gloom, and at points makes you feel somewhat ill, this is the film for you.

Reviewed by pibwl 6 / 10

A decent job

I have mixed feelings after watching the movie. I had no high expectations, so I wasn't disappointed - overally, a decent crime thriller, but the one, which you probably will forget. There are some original ideas, and a magnetic charater of a main villain, a gangster boss and a sexual deviant, who killed and mutilated a young girl Monika. Or maybe did he not?

A great acting was performed by Monika's mother, Helena, an acknowledged Polish actress Maja Ostaszewska. Her character is a family court judge, with a broken own family life, who tries to seek the truth. Performances of the rest of the cast were good, but rather forgetable. The victim, which we get to know better from flashbacks, a young actress Zofia Jastrzebska, did well in difficult graphic violence and nudity scenes.

Script writer and filmmakers had an interesting general plot, but at times I had an impression, that they lacked an idea how to develop the action. Especially it was visible well before the end of the movie, when the police seem to enjoy an easy success against the main suspect, and the tension breaks. Some will find an interesting plot twist, some - incredible plot holes.

All in all, a decent film to watch. Luckilly, the producers didn't develop it into a mini series, what would have been a waste of time.

Reviewed by LetsReviewThat26 7 / 10

well done polish crime mystety

All in all this was a pretty good film, certainly one of netflixs better ones recently. We meet monika who is walking through a bar like shes been there many times before and flirts with the barman, they end up sleeping together but bam her body is found washed up on a beach the next day. Her mum helena starts her own invesitatgation while cheating on her husband , who himself is also cheating. Its a pretty intresting mystery and the run time is filled with enough of the inviestigation to not make it boring. The cast are good and the characters do actually have some body to them overall a pretty good movie.

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