Illegal Tender


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Zulay Henao as Mora
Wanda De Jesus as Millie
Julie Carmen as Nilsa
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Reviewed by worddiva 4 / 10

Bad acting, poor script

This had great potential, but the mom's acting made me cringe and the girlfriend got on my nerves with her incessant questions around the basement scene. The script was also annoying--what was up with the constant running? What good is an artillery if you're too scared to stand your ground and use it. Some gangsta film. This was lame.

Reviewed by rollstuhlwolf 6 / 10

The man is wrong

This is not a John Singleton movie as the person above me stated. And the reason it was given so little attention is because even though the cast of what most would consider unknowns is strong, it is just a generic John Singleton style movie replacing African Americans with Hispanics. If this film had been made 15 years ago it might garner more attention, but with so many generic life in the hood films made over the last two decades it is easy for something like this to slip under the radar. Good acting is not enough to carry a movie, there has to be a strong plot and character development. In fact, I'm surprised more Latinos were not upset by what seemed to me a very stereotypical look at life in a ethnocentric neighborhood. Personally, I feel a move like "Wassup Rockers" did a better and more entertaining job of looking at diversity issues, crime, bigotry, and even inter-cultural separation. Yes, its nice to see more Hispanic and Latinos in films. But if this is the roles they are getting no progress has been made and they got a long way to go.

Reviewed by freakfire-1 6 / 10

What would the Flying Spaghetti Monster do?

I was actually surprised that this was fairly good. It wasn't "good" or "excellent", but it is OK enough to enjoy at some points. Not only that, but it has a storyline that has a nice touch near the end.

The film begins in mid 80s New York, with Wilson and several drug gangsters. He has a knocked up woman and money set aside. But then things get tricky and he winds up dead. The viewer is left wondering "why?".

Thats when it goes to 2007. The child being carried is grown up, has his own woman, but he doesn't know who his father was. Events turn the college student into a man chasing down the past. Eventually things get settled in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. There young Wilson Jr. discovers his father's secret past and why things are they way they are.

Without ruining why, the plot twist at the end explains one scene that didn't make sense at the beginning. So that was well done. However, some of the characters didn't exactly fit the bill, especially in the scenes outside New York and Connecticut. Plus, the music was all wrong for much of the film.

Some people question "Ana"(Daina Ramirez), the girlfriend of Wilson Jr. She stays with him through the film, but she is seemingly the stereotypical 'damsel'. However, there are many women like that who are soft hearted so I don't have doubts about the character.

With everything said, I think the film is moderately good. So have a look and try it out. Its nothing special, but its good enough to draw your attention. "B-"

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