Space Command Redemption


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.8/10 10 103 103

Top cast

Robert Picardo as Yusef Sekander
Bruce Boxleitner as General Joe Haldeman
Bill Mumy as Greg Mazzey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dariush75 4 / 10

Oh my god.

It is said that Mahatma Gandhi, the moment he was shot, before he died, said: Oh my God.

I had the same feeling of Gandhi dying when I saw this film.

I really don't know why I gave this movie a 4, it's like giving some money to an annoying beggar just to piss off.

If the make-up of the actors was left to my old mother, she would make them up much better.

And it is better if we don't talk about the special effects and acting of the actors.

The film does not have a valuable point.

Like many movies today, it is pretentious and Low content (Of course, it does not claim much.).

Personally, I still prefer this movie to "Poor Things" Of course.

So.. If you have a lot of time And you don't know what to do with it, this movie is for you.

Reviewed by sam_mood 10 / 10

Makes you feel good

This movie makes you feel good as it takes you on a trip that excludes terror and gore but tanks on humanity and belief in the right things.

This just shows that the future of entertainment does not have to depend on corporate figures and marketing, and that it is possible by using lower budgets and while steering away from the stereotyping and opinion molding that the big dollar sponsors force the director to include in their movies to bend and influence peoples minds.

The story is a classic, but the plot is new. A journey towards an understanding and empathy. A liberation from the usual fear and terror most movie directors use today.

Reviewed by spasticfreakshow 4 / 10

would give a 5 or 6 had it been produced early 80s

Unfortunately, it's not just the special effects that are very bad due to low budget. And frankly, I"m one who doesn't care about special effects, so when ppl downgrade a film for being low budget due to this, specifically, I ignore their complaints. At my own peril, in this case! The dialog and writing are also worse than most fan fiction on reddit. Acting is such a mixed bag - you have Doug Jones giving a reasonably good performance, given the circumstances, but his acting partner, Captain Kemmer, is a D-list actor who would be fine in a Xena Warrior or some D-list production, but drags this down even further. There is very little redeeming about the entire thing, and I am a scifi fan who pretty much loves all science fiction. How did this get made? It is laughably bad, but...if they were going for D-list film produced in 1980, they NAILED it!

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