The Roast of Tom Brady


Action / Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.3/10 10 4879 4.9K

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Ben Affleck as Self - Roaster
Joel McHale as Self - Audience Member
Will Ferrell as Self - Roaster
Seth Green as Self - Audience Member
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mchl88 6 / 10

Inconsistent At Best

Like most roasts it was inconsistent. There were some hysterical moments and some boring moments. The professional comics were all pretty good with Nikki Glaser and Jeffrey Ross really standing out. The athletes were ok too with some of them (Julian Edelman and Drew Bledsoe) being surprisingly funny. Ben Affleck was a complete waste of time (what's he so angry about?). Brady's closing was solid!

You can't watch something like this if you're easily offended. As Kevin Hart said in his intro, sometimes you just have to make the uncomfortable comfortable. Not everyone can do that or even wants to and that's ok. But for those who think offending everyone means offending no one, you'd probably enjoy this, especially if Netflix releases a 90 minute edit of the best moments

If you watched it, what are your thoughts?

Reviewed by JAS0NTURNER 6 / 10

Kevin Hart was unwatchable

Love a good roast...but Kevin Hart seemed to be coming from the wrong place. Instead of cleverly telling jokes he just skipped to easy laughs. I suggest watching it with your remote ready to fast forward anytime you see Kevin's face.

Also having Kim Kardashian up there was strange. She did a good reading the jokes that were given to her but if you think of the fact that she took a professionals gets depressing.

Tom was a good sport but man oh man his family took a few hits. I know it's fair game but it seemed like the talent ran out of other things to make fun of...because they kept coming back to his ex wife and kids.

Reviewed by kcitraro 9 / 10

People forget what roasts are...

There seems to be a bunch of purists on here who seem confused about what roasts are about. They are meant to offend and get in the gutter. If it's not for you? Why did you watch it? And better yet, why write a review based on your own biases? This is exactly what the world needs once in a while. A no holds barred roast that leaves no one left unoffended. We should all be able to laugh at ourselves and each other once in a while. I loved this show! I hope they do other people too. There are many others in a long list that we celebrate hating universally. This show is like a hall pass from political correctness. Nearly a perfect show. Just a few slow duds like Kim K or Randy Ross. Otherwise a 10!

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